Todoroki x pregnant reader lemon

Without a doubt, he would become a blushing mess. He would quickly turn his gaze to you, unable to fully meet your eyes. His cheeks were already red, but they caught on fire once you blew him a kiss. He was about to pull you for a deeper kiss, when he realized that the whole class was watching them. Instead of feeling embarrassed or flustered, he got mad. Originally posted by readyforcombat. Once you pulled away, a faint blush spread across his face.

His eyes slightly widened before returning to face you. When he noticed that you were a blushing mess, he walked towards you and hugged you. You guys are creepy.

He would literally freeze and his cheeks would immediately turn red. Could get worse, right? The whole class started cheering for both of you. He would slowly steal a glance at you and just would just flash a smile at him, literally causing his heart to melt. Of course— this just made him even more confident and proud of himself.

He would go around bragging to others about you. He felt his cheeks burning as his eyes widened at the jubilant class. Originally posted by shigashimura.

In attempt of trying to look cool, he smirked at the whole class and closed his eyes. Nobody can beat her! The class went from cooing to literally cursing and gossiping about him, and Mineta actually threw his shoe at him. Originally posted by lightbriel.

Your phone was shaky in your hands and you clenched your thighs. Then, you took a deep breath and called your boyfriend of two years. Your body had grown increasingly hot. It was incredibly embarrassing for you, and he was the last person who you wanted to see you like this. But alas, he was also the only person available right now who you could trust.

Luckily it was his day off. It was his voice, goddammit, that was making your body feel all hot. It was also embarrassing to come out and say it casually.

Keep reading. Just based off the wording, I assumed you wanted the fem! Originally posted by keijirous. Originally posted by tetsuibara. I would like to requests a fic or headcannons about a scenario where reader is being kinda harassed and won't be left alone, and they try to lie and say they have a boyfriend and they aren't being left alone so they kiss [character of your choice] to prove they "have a boyfriend".

They get left alone but how does the character who was kissed react? Sorry if this is confusing.Clicking your phone off and setting it back on the table, you let out a deep sigh. You drummed your fingers against the wooden tabletop, chin resting in the palm of your hand.

The clock hanging on the kitchen wall ticked loudly in your ears. You were grateful for it, though; at least it was better than the deafening silence that saturated the rest of the small apartment. Unfortunately, you had begun to grow accustomed to said silence, its painful ring only serving to exacerbate the emptiness and loneliness in your heart.

You and Todoroki had been dating for a few years now, and you recently suggested moving in together to take your relationship to the next level. Todoroki agreed, and you packed up all of your belongings and moved in to his apartment shortly thereafter.

Cheater todoroki x reader x bakugou katsuki

Since then, things between you had been a little distant. Shouto was getting busier and busier with his hero work, and you could definitely empathize, being a hero yourself.

Although you were proud of all his hard work and dedication towards becoming the number 1 pro hero, it was causing a lot of strain on your relationship. On your rare days off, you would try to cuddle up with him, try to be intimate; however, Todoroki would always turn away, requesting some alone time to catch up on sleep.

You desperately wanted to get your relationship out of this sudden funk. A romantic gesture… to remind him how deeply you loved him; how lucky you felt to be his.

Maybe then he would see just how dedicated you were to spending the rest of your lives together. Maybe, just maybe, this was exactly what he needed from you, and things would finally go back to the way they were before. You spent several grueling hours making his favorite cold soba, painstakingly hand crafting the noodles yourself.

You decorated the kitchen with fun streamers and balloons. A heartfelt birthday card and thoughtful gift, wrapped beautifully in blue paper and ribbons, sat in the center of the dining table beside the delicious-looking cake. Lastly, deciding to be a bit forward, you placed little tea lights all over the bedroom until a soft flickering light encompassed the plush bed. You smiled to yourself, wondering if Todoroki might want to eat cake from the comfort of your bedroom tonight….

todoroki x pregnant reader lemon

Setting the table for dinner just before Shouto was due to arrive, you sat and waited for your beloved to walk through the front door. You were giddy, already imagining his surprised reaction to all your efforts.

todoroki x pregnant reader lemon

You sat there as the minutes ticked by, wide smile slowly fading into a frown as your leg bounced anxiously underneath the table. You made Shouto promise to be home from work on time today… he promised, so where was he?

You continued waiting until the sun was long gone, darkness consuming the kitchen. You stood, chair squeaking against the tile floor as it moved out from under you.

Leaving the birthday celebration behind, you grabbed your coat and boots, slipping out the front door into the frigid night.Feel free to request Todoroki again once requests re-open! Originally posted by myheroacademiadeku.

7 Minutes In Heaven 5K Special - Todoroki Shouto x Listener {BNHA ASMR Fanfiction Reading}

Midoriya was missing you desperately. He had barely seen you over the last couple of weeks— even at lunchtime you began running off to take care of this or that, giving him a quick peck on the cheek before ditching him and the rest of your usual lunch crowd. Not being around you, or being around your smile, made his life feel just a little bit bleaker. After yet another day without seeing you at lunch or at the dorms after school, Midoriya decided enough was enough— tomorrow, he would get to the bottom of your sudden disappearing act.

Knocking on your bedroom door quietly, he took a step back and waited, shifting awkwardly between his feet. Midoriya decided to stop by with a movie and some of your favorite snacks for a spur-of-the-moment date; he knew you were super busy with school work, but you needed to take a break sooner or later— not to mention, you were way overdue for some quality time together.

At the sound of his knocks, a series of clunks and thuds echoed from the opposite side of the door. Yep, just stubbed my toe, haha!

Fandom Imagines

You sputtered a series of protests as he pushed the door open gently. Midoriya frowned, discerning your fib from a mile away.

Once he stepped inside, Midoriya was quite surprised to see your room was… a total mess. There were papers strewn haphazardly all over your desk and scattered across the floor. Power tools rested on every flat surface, hunks of metal lying here and there… no wonder you stubbed your toe!

What is all of this? Sighing deeply, you made your way over to him and grabbed his scarred hands in yours. Midoriya blushed bright red from head to toe. Unable to hold back your amusement any longer, you began cackling in his face. Taking his now sweaty, shaky palm in yours, you led him over to your desk, picking up a few scraps of green cloth with your free hand. Giggling at his loss for words, you decided to cut the guy a break and explain.

Of course being a hero is my goal, but the teachers let me use the support lab to make upgrades to my own costume. You were cut off by a pair of strong arms wrapping around your waist and lifting you into the air.

As Midoriya spun you around, you giggled and gripped his shoulders tightly. Setting you back on your feet, Midoriya cupped your cheeks, his bright smile melting your heart. How did I get so lucky? Leaning down, he gave you a loving kiss on the lips. Nodding your head in agreement, you enthusiastically dragged Midoriya toward your bed, excited to spend some well-deserved time with your boyfriend.

Originally posted by aishitetsuro. Where the hell have you been?! Swiveling in your desk chair to face your hot-headed boyfriend, you slapped a hand over your chest.

Gasping in realization, you quickly swiveled back towards your desk, grabbing your phone and clicking the button. Along with a series of text messages from Bakugou, your phone prominently displayed the time. Oh my gosh, I am so, SO sorry, I completely lost track of time—!! Walking over to stand behind your chair, Bakugou loosely wrapped his arms around your neck before leaning down and kissing the top of your head.

Snorting, you tilted your head back to look at him. Reaching down and flipping your textbook closed, Bakugou stared openly at the cover.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. A collection of My Hero Academia Oneshots! Requests are closed but feel free to leave any suggestions and feedback! A collection of stories surrounding the "Tini AU. This is a compilation of reader insert fics, where either our favorite BNHA character is a Tini, or the reader! And who is this Todoroki guy who has been invading your personal space? Is this a love triangle? Or was it parallel lines all along? Do you want to see your fave being turn into a sex maniac or a creep?

Then this is it! You can request scenarios or headcanons like this from there!! Friends, family, teachers, classmates, everyone claims that your circumstance is just… unique.

Endeavor felt like he had lost his chance at love, but one call for backup might change everything. In a wild, uncivilized world of Hybrids, you are an Omega just trying to survive.

But things become complicated when you join a pack made up of only Alphas. Seeing the many great heroes that had recently debuted in the last two years, it made it hard to choose who she really wanted to work under. Until she met him The New 2 Hero, Endeavor It also could have been because the man was nearly double your own age; he was a father, a man with an iniquitous past. However, you were certain that most of the shame you felt came from just how exceedingly licentious your thoughts of him had been over the past few days.

These are some of the x reader fics I've made on tumblr. Follow me there for more! Here's my master list. Being brought back to life in the body of a super-powered mommy in her mid 30's wasn't what you thought would happen right after an accident that took your life.

But with her instincts and memories, you can somehow make it work. After the quirk, One for all, was passed down to her by her predecessor, the once supposedly quirkless reader attends the famous U.Yaoyorozu Momo could not sleep.

How could she sleep though? From other people's perspective, what happened might be just a trivial thing, but for her it's a big deal. Todoroki-kun touched her. Todoroki-kun just touched her.

Gosh, how could she calm down? Her brain keeps replaying the scenes earlier in her mind. So it's no wonder that the battle went quite brutal. In the middle of battle, her right leg was hit by Bakugou's explosion, injuring her. Todoroki quickly create giant ice wall to slow down Bakugou and Koda while using his ice power on her injured leg. She felt an unfamiliar sensation that make her heart throbbing. Her leg might be cold from his touch, but her face feels like it's burning. Todoroki reach out his hand to help Momo stand, she almost couldn't think straight due to this sudden closeness with her crush.

But she tried hard to concentrate on the battle since she heard loud bangs and Bakugou's aggressive scream when he tried to dig the ice wall with his explosion. In the end, after a long battle her team just barely wins. Momo let out a year's worth of sigh. She think highly of Todoroki since the first time she laid her eyes on him. Despite having an aloof personality and distant attitude, she admire Todoroki for having brimming self-confidence.

Both of them got into U.

todoroki x pregnant reader lemon

After her disgraceful defeat from Tokoyami and Todoroki's stellar performance in U. Sport Festival, she concluded that he is a step ahead of her. Momo was always so sure of herself but whenever she looked at Todoroki, she unable to muster confidence. But that moment in their practical end of term test where Momo is paired with Todoroki to combat Aizawa sensei changed everything.

They're on the verge of losing and Todoroki encouraged Momo to believe in herself. Todoroki Shouto -handsome, strong and clever Todoroki Shouto- said those words to her.

He proceeds to reveal that he was the one who vote for her during Class President election. Because I thought you excelled at that sorta thing! She let her self-doubt affecting their end of term test but Todoroki never doubt her ability. Todoroki thank her at the end of test where they finally win againts Aizawa sensei and she felt her chest swelled with emotion. It's just too much. Just like that, Todoroki blow away all her problem that she's been carrying.

She put her hand over her mouth, tried her best to not cry from all of those emotions. He restore her confidence and she completely fall for him.Somehow, my boyfriend, Shoto Todoroki, has been turned into a neko! He purred. I honestly don't know what made him like this. He came into the classroom and he was like this. Aizawa-sensei is laying down behind his desk sleeping so I can't get in trouble for messing with him. I stopped playing with his ears and he looked at me with a sad expression.

I felt something near my pants a few minutes later. I looked down and saw Shouto sitting down and playing with my pant leg. Oh no, what does he want now? I sighed He's stupider than I thought.

My quirk is to draw to life and telekinesis. I usually trap him with a cage on wheels and push it. We can't fight in here considering you might destroy the whole building. Just before Kacchan could yell at me, Shouto hissed at him. I looked at him. You don't hiss at people. Kacchan laugh. That means he can't do anything! That means he just worth-ow! It's too bad he's wearing shorts today.

He winced in pain and muttered out curse words. It's probably stronger since it's harder to control. He surprisingly listened to me and walked away. I leaned back in my chair to stretch. I then felt a weight on my lap. I looked down to see Shoto.I had fun writing this! Sorry it took so long to get this back to you! Looking over to gaze into his beautiful dual-colored eyes, your tongue swelled with words unspoken.

Walking him to his home, you wanted to tell him so very badly about the shared treasure growing in you, but you were afraid of the consequences. As you reached the gate to his house, you saw a black car pull up, and your skin crawled as his cool hand became freezing. You looked over to him with worry.

He quickly released your hand and walked to meet his father. As Shouto walked up to the car, the fire-bathed man exitted and walked to the gate of their home behind his prodigious son. Endeavor eyed you, and sneered. The path in which Shouto was headed, had a roadblock, and that roadblock was you. A shock ran through you at the solidification of all the fears you held. As he walked away freely, you stood frozen to the spot, a cold sweat glistening your skin.

That was the day that you had left your old life. Years later, you work as a single mother to the child that reminds you of your one and only love. His hair red, inherited from his father, and the eyes that shine brightly with your own coloring is like having a personification of the days you spent beside your love. Everyday, this child happily smiles and runs without a care in the world as you send him to preschool and you go to work.

You often see Todoroki on TV, and he never lost his beauty. You often find yourself staring into his eyes, hoping you could still see the love that they once held, but that glimmer is never there. You knew in your heart, that it will never be there, but still you watch him. You never, not even once, told your son about his father, but you found it to be humorous that his favorite hero, and role model, is the father you took from him.

How your son could talk and talk and talk about his hero. Hours could go by and your son would still yell and run around, clutching the figurine of the pro-hero, Shouto you bought him for his latest birthday. When you think about, you laugh dryly at your thoughts, the irony a knife to your heart. Then, one day, it happens. While walking to the preschool to pick up your son, a man bumps into and pulls you into his chest, his right hand pulling your hair, and his left wrapped around your belly.

Caught off guard, you scream in surprise and clutch at his hand. You snap back to reality just as the man, whose iron grip is bruising your abdomen, kicks the back of your knees and forces you to kneel. He tells you to hand over what you have and you do so. Or at least you acted like you were going to before activating your quirk and knocking the man of balance and slamming your fist into his face. He growls and reaches a clawed fist to your face, but is stopped only a few inches before impact by ice forming on his legs and climbing up his torso.

Your eyes widen as your brain slaps you with the feeling of nostalgia. You turn slowly only to verify that the man who saved you, was the man you ran from several years ago.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

A look of pure surprise fills his features, he reaches out a tentative hand in your direction, but was immediately retracted when the sound of several pairs of feet marched down the alley.

The police swarmed the villains form and congradulated Todoroki on his capture. You quickly took this as a sign and fled. Before you could truely escape, however, you felt the hair on your neck stand on end as goosebumps covered your arms. Then, stepping out of an alley a few feet a head of you, the man your brain often fill your dreams with, stood out. His face clouded with disbelief, confusion and pain.


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